how to reheat slices of the cake

What would be the best way to reheat this cake so I can serve it warm? Microwave slices, or put it in the oven for a few more minutes? I would like to make it for friends, but I'm not confident that I will be able to serve right after making it

Emily M
  • Posted by: Emily M
  • January 22, 2022


Nancy January 22, 2022
You have several options. Read through the head note and recipe...
1) serve cake cold or room temperature with the creme anglaise as a warm contrast
2) warm un-sauced cake very briefly in microwave - about 30 to 45 seconds uncovered, check and see if warm enough for you, and serve. (Cake will still be moist without covering). Then serve with the sauce
3) warm un-sauced cake briefly covered in foil in oven about 250 or 300F. Then serve with the sauce. (Foil needed here to keep cake moist).
Happygoin January 23, 2022
I’d go with door #3:)

Having done this often, I think Nancy’s third option is the most foolproof if you’re unsure.
Emily M. February 7, 2022
Thank you so much! cake turned out amazing :)
Happygoin February 7, 2022
Good for you, Emily!

Thanks for coming back to tell us.
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