Does one use buttermilk or heavy cream?

The recipe’s ingredients list heavy cream as the liquid. The instructions state buttermilk but makes no mention of cream. Which do we use?



702551 January 29, 2022
I'm afraid you'll have to decide for yourself. Looking at the recipe reviews and comments, another community member asked the same question back in 2017 and the recipe author did not respond. It is unlikely she will respond here.

That said, my guess is that it should be buttermilk. The chemical leavening agent (baking powder here) needs some acidity to activate and I don't think heavy cream has enough acidity to provide the rise shown in the photo.

For what it's worth, traditional Southern biscuits call for buttermilk and can be made from just three ingredients: self-rising flour (which includes the chemical leavening agent), lard/shortening, and buttermilk.

One can mimic buttermilk by adding an acid to another dairy liquid. Search online for instructions on how to do this at the correct proportions.

Best of luck.
mikedalena January 30, 2022
Thanks so much for your reply. I understand the chemistry of chemical leavening. I’m just curious about the author’s mistake and genuinely interested in this misrepresentation of ingredients because I AM so fascinated by traditional food chemistry. I always like to know the “why” and since cream was called for and I’ve seen recipes that exclusively use cream it got me wondering about the chemistry of this recipe and what the author’s intention is truly. I already have a great biscuit recipe so this was just pure academic curiosity about the composition of the recipe itself. This was more a flag for the author. Sorry I wasted your time. My intention was not to have someone else respond but to find out what the author intended and expects from the recipe. You’re sweet to invest in such a great answer. You’re a generous spirit!

That said, self rising flour is just not something that would ever be in my cupboard. 😏🙃😘
702551 January 30, 2022
I read too many sites and I don't recall how much expertise any given forum participant has, not just here at Food52 but pretty much everywhere.

I mostly responded because A.) you showed no indication that you had any knowledge about the action of chemical leavening agents, and B.) it didn't appear that you noticed that this recipe author has been AWOL for five years.

Had I known that you were well acquainted with chemical leavening agents and their action, I wouldn't have spent the time responding.

You can track down the recipe author on Instagram if you want a direct answer from her and maybe she'll respond.

As for self-rising flour, I don't keep any of that in my pantry, mostly because I don't bake often so the chemical leavening agent would definitely lose its potency. If you make biscuits several times a month (or other items that call for the ingredient), buying self-rising flour is a definite consideration.

After all, it takes maybe two seconds to dump a pound of flour into a mixing bowl sitting on a scale. How long does it take to measure out 3 1/2 cups of flour, search the Internet for the appropriate chemical leavening agent additions, do the math for that quantity of flour, and combine?

Anyhow best of luck for your search for The Truth(TM). :o)
mikedalena January 31, 2022
Wow. I thought you were being sweet but you’re just a know it all Karen type bitch. Who needs to search the internet for how much baking powered to use? Don’t you just know the ratios? Or if you’re already using a recipe why search for anything?

Your response is really horrible and I would suggest you don’t respond to people unless you’re sincere. Now I think you were just jumping at an opportunity to be braggadocios. You were not helpful. You were a bitch in your second response. Please go away.

Also, nice way to cower behind your numerical nomenclature (that means the name you chose). Anonymity always makes for the best assholes. Congratulations! You succeeded.

If you’d like to respond please meet me at the corner of Fuck You & Go Fuck Yourself. Bring a sweater.
702551 January 31, 2022
702551 is the user ID assigned to me by Food52. It was convenient to use it as a handle.

Have a wonderful day!
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