Baking two layer pumpkin pie.

I want to make double layer pumpkin pie with cream cheese & cool whip on bottom layer.Recipes say it is unbaked but I want to bake it. Will baking ruin the cream cheese & cool whip layer. Can eggs be used in bottom layer instead of pudding mix ?

  • Posted by: Huldah
  • February 16, 2022


Nancy February 16, 2022
Rather than rejigging (and maybe having trouble with) the no-bake pie, consider using existing recipe for a baked two-layer pumpkin cheesecake.
Do a browser search or go directly to
Yes, there will probably be trouble baking the commercial whipped topping.
Nancy February 16, 2022
Another approach.
If you want to cook the original (curious - why?)
Omit commercial whipped topping from original bottom layer. Bake that with the original cream cheese.
Separately, cook the instant pudding and pie filling in a saucepan.
When both original pie and pudding are cool, spread pudding on top of pie.
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