Do I liNe the whole pan with parchment or just the bottom??

The instructions note to line the pan with parchment. Does this mean just the bottom, which makes sense, or the sides as well? 🙁

Tucker & Me


AntoniaJames February 16, 2022
If I were making this honey and yogurt cheesecake, I'd line just the bottom with parchment. There is a ton of fat in the recipe, and you're using a springform pan, without the crust running up the side. To be extra careful, I might lightly grease the sides, as well as the place where the bottom meets the sides (the corner that runs around the perimeter).

I never have problems with my springform leaking, but I've heard that many people do - especially with cheesecake. You might want to wrap the bottom and up the sides an inch or so in aluminum foil. ;o)
Nancy February 17, 2022
And/or bake on a sheet pan, so any leakage ends up on the pan and not burning on the bottom of the oven.
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