Recommendations for Rice Colander / Strainer

Does anyone have a good recommendation for a rice colander / strainer? I have been considering the Frieling collapsible colander but I’m not sure if rice will slip through the perforations. Thanks!

  • Posted by: jbMT
  • February 21, 2022


Medora V. March 8, 2022
For washing rice, I've been quite pleased with my most recent strainer purchase, a KitchenAid Classic 7" strainer, which unlike any strainer I've had in the past, doesn't bend away from the handle under the weight of its contents. I've never thought of strainers and colanders as being intended for the same purpose and am happy with my garden-variety colander for draining pasta, rinsing veggies, etc.
Jada W. March 3, 2022
Great question, JMBT!

I agree with AntoniaJames and Nancy, and suggest a versatile fine-mesh sieve instead of a colander (the large holes will definitely let all your rice fall through). This nesting set from de Buyer has three sizes—I use the largest for rice and stock, the medium for hot pot, and the smallest for powdered sugar. Hope that helps!
AntoniaJames February 21, 2022
I have a wonderful fine-mesh strainer (with a handle - not really a colander) that I use for rice. and lentils, and so many other things, e.g., yogurt, mascarone and ricotta, all with a cheesecloth liner, rinsing quinoa, etc. If you want a colander-sized strainer that rice won't slip through, do a Google search for "fine mesh colander." You'll see all sizes and shapes. If looking for one that won't take up too much extra space in your cabinet, find one that will nest into a bowl or cooking pot. ;o)
Nancy February 21, 2022
Haven't used the Frieling but it looks good.
f you subscribe to the "get multiple use out of every tool" theory, consider getting also a colander that fits in your pots, that can be used for other-than-rice...vegetables, pasta, steamed dumplings.
jbMT February 21, 2022
Nancy, that’s exactly what I’m looking for. However, since we often eat rice which I always rinse, I want to find a “one & done” which I works for rice, pasta, washing vegetables, etc.
Nancy February 21, 2022
Got it!
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