Should I remove the sugar if I'm making this a savory gallette?

If I want to make this a savory recipe, is it worth it to remove the sugar? Or leaving the crust recipe as is?

Celia Moreno
Easy Apple Galette
Recipe question for: Easy Apple Galette


702551 February 27, 2022
It’s your call.

You can make pâte brisée (a.k.a. short crust pastry) with or without sugar. The sugar is mostly there to facilitate browning.

If the savory galette requires a longer bake, I would be more inclined to make the pastry dough without sugar.
Nancy February 27, 2022
Agree. Was just about to write a similar comment.
Also, the small amount of sugar in the dough (1 tbsp) might work nicely as a contrast with some savory fillings.
Again, your call.
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