Is cooking fun?

a Whole Foods Market Customer


Sam1148 April 24, 2011

If you don't poke air holes in the barrels, they aren't very fun at all.
pierino April 24, 2011
Sure it is, if you like burning and scarring your hands forever. More fun than a barrel of wet clowns in a coin-op laundry dryer....before the elephants arrive.
Panfusine April 23, 2011
Is this a trick question? its the best way to maintain friendships & make new ones!
beyondcelery April 23, 2011
Oh yes! It's my main form of entertainment. Plus, if you're known for always having something delicious around, it's much easier to get your friends to come over. Good homemade food also makes great bribes. I got my (really nice) wooden bed frame from craigslist because I told the seller that if they held it for me I'd bring him an entire batch of cookies!
boulangere April 23, 2011
Yes. So is eating. And as Sam1148 says, please don't be deterred by mistakes. We all make them. Life goes on. But cooking is definitely restorative, it is life-affirming, it is sharing and generous, it is pleasurable.
Sam1148 April 23, 2011
Yes, The major thing to remember is that you will make some spectacular mistakes, don't give up, learn from them and go on. Perfect two or three main dishes that you feel comfortable to serve to friends. Then branch out..making more complex things. Good Luck!
nutcakes April 23, 2011
I find it lots of fun. Sort of like science experiments, I like to see how things turn out. And I love to present awesome goodies to friends. I'm making 2 ricotta cheesecakes to take with strawberry sauce to a party tomorrow. I'm very popular at a potluck.
Kristen M. April 23, 2011
Yes! It's also relaxing, creative, healthy, sustainable -- and cheaper and tastier than any alternative.
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