Made two batches of Macadamia nut/chocolate chip cookies.

Same recipe, identical ingredients, same oven, same temperature, same cook time
First batch came out perfect. Nicely rounded like a tiny sand dune! 2nd bath were flat, wide, an seemingly no 'rising' of the dough. What could possibly be the difference? Ingredients were almost the same as a Toolhouse receipe. I have pictures if there is a way to send them.

  • Posted by: Charles
  • March 8, 2022
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Charles March 9, 2022
Thanks! Glad I found this group!
Charles March 9, 2022
Thanks! Looking back, it had to be the still warm cookie sheets. Is it always a good idea to put mixed cookie dough in the refer for a period (?) of time B4 baking?
drbabs March 9, 2022
Yes, it’s always a good idea to refrigerate cookie dough before baking if you can. And let the cookie sheets cool before re-using them.
Miss_Karen March 9, 2022
Yes. You want the ingredients at room temperature while you are mixing the dough.. bBut then the dough/or portioned cookies should be chilled before baking.
drbabs March 9, 2022
100% agree with 702551. But here’s the great thing. Some people like puffy chewy cookies. Some like thin and crisp cookies. You can satisfy everyone!
702551 March 8, 2022
Most likely the dough temperature of the second batch was higher. This could be caused by several factors.

First might be insufficient refrigeration of the dough before forming individual cookies.

Second might be putting the dough on still-hot baking sheets.

Third might be slower progress in making the individual cookies.

A combination of these factors would exacerbate the problem.
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