I realize this topic has been tackled before but I need recommendations for a standard 30" gas range. Dual ovens?

We have a small kitchen and can only accommodate a standard gas range. I have seen the dual oven ranges and was wondering if anyone had experience with those. We could really use the second oven but have managed this long without it. I really would like 5 burners as well. But functionality, durability and EASE of CLEANING are the most important and I'm willing to spend a little extra in order to get extra. Thanks!

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Smaug April 15, 2017
I lived with a two oven stove for years. I didn't particularly like it- the second oven was occasionally useful, but it also got in the way a lot- it really hovered over the back burners, limiting the size of pans that could be used (or that could be stirred) and blocking the light. There was a built in light on the bottom of the top oven, but that area was very difficult to clean and it was usually pretty dim, and not really focused where it was needed. Possibly there are better designed units.
ChefJune April 14, 2017
I also have a small apartment kitchen. When I redid my kitchen 12 years ago I chose the JennAir Dual Fuel range with downdraft ventilation. Gas burners, electric oven. I love it every day! and it has stood up well to the wear and tear. This range came with a grill on the left, but I ordered an extra burner kit which I installed in place of the grill. I can't recommend it enough.
dymnyno April 11, 2017
I cooked on a la Cornue for almost 20 years and loved the look, but not the cleaning. Recently I bought a house that came with a Wolf. I love it! In fact I canceled an order for a la Cornue on a house that I am building and am buying another Wolf for that location.Its easy to clean, the burners adjust from high to simmer efficiently and it was a fraction of the price.
paseo April 14, 2017
Does La Cornue even make a 30" range? And if they did, it would probably be $15-20,000 or more (I used to sell them), and I totally agree about maintenance. Only for those with staff. ElectroLux makes a 30" 5 burner with 2 ovens (one is short) and so does JennAir - either one is a decent buy but the JennAir is probably the most reliable.
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