Recommendations for the tapioca pearls, taro powder, and the ube extract please?

Hello, as I do not live in the USA, I would appreciate specific links to purchase or brand names for these three uncommon ingredients.
I tried the Chicory link to shop for these online but it spectacularly failed. If the author or someone who’s well versed into bubble tea making could help with specific brands and/pictures of the ingredients it would be of great help. Thank you

  • Posted by: Assya
  • March 20, 2022
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Taro Bubble Tea
Recipe question for: Taro Bubble Tea

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Genevieve Y. March 20, 2022
Hi Assya! I recommend visiting an Asian supermarket—chances are they will carry these ingredients or know a purveyor who does. You can also try Amazon if you’re looking for an online source. I hope this helps!
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