using a batter spreader for crepes

i've never made crepes. i've decided on a crepe pan. for $10 more, i can buy a spreader and wooden spatula. i've seen crepes made w/o a spreader, but i figure for $10, it's worth it to get a more even spread of the batter. i'll eventually learn how much batter to use.

if u have experience making crepes, maybe u don't bother w a spreader? i did watch one demo from a french buy, and he just swirled the batter around w/o a spreader. Tx

  • Posted by: alan
  • March 24, 2022


702551 March 24, 2022
The Parisian street vendors use the wood spreader for A.) show and B.) because it's hard to tilt and swirl the large griddle.

Kenji covers crepe making at Serious Eats:

Basically you either just pour the crepe batter freehand (it's really thin) and have a few funny looking ones until you get the batter amount right or you can use the pour-back method.

One interesting comment in the Serious Eats article notes that the physics of making the perfect crepe were identified by a fluid dynamicist.

Just watch a video of someone who knows what they're doing (Jacques Pepin would be my first choice). After a few funny looking attempts a dexterous cook should be able to have pretty consistent aesthetically pleasing crepes.

They will all taste good regardless.
Nancy March 24, 2022
Fluid dynamic physics - wow abd thanks!
Nancy March 24, 2022
I've had and enjoyed using a cast iron crepe pan for many years.
Also you can use it for other preparations without harming its ability to make crepes.
Never had a spreader, nor needed it. If the batter is the right thinnness, you soon easily learn to swirl it in the pan until it catches the heat and forms a pancake.
The street vendors in Paris use the spreaders. Which, I suspect, does a few things for them that home cooks don't necessarily have to worry about - controls the amount of batter, speeds up the cooking, makes the large crepe (theirs are larger than most make at home), adds to the show.
So, in the end - your choice. If you like the idea of a spreader and think you'll have use for it, buy one.
Either way, enjoy your crepes.
Nancy March 24, 2022
PS. After you make a few million regular folded, filled and sauced crepes, branch out to crepe cakes.
The two I most like are one I learned from Julia Child (spinach or other green veg, cheese or cream sauce) and a chocolate one (Martha Stewart and others).
There are also ones flavored like tiramisu or with berries.
alan March 24, 2022
i decided not to spend the $ on the spreader. i saw an offset spatula used to lift the crepes and i'll use that. i agree w u about the paris crepe makers using the spreaders.
alan March 24, 2022
i will make make crepes w mushrooms and other savory fillings. i'll do apple filling and i see i can add choc to the batter, a filling of coconut and drizzled w choc. i'll see what julia and martha came up w. Tx
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