Will half and half work instead of heavy cream

Can I use half and half instead of heavy cream

  • Posted by: Kiyom
  • March 27, 2022
Caramelized Leek Pasta
Recipe question for: Caramelized Leek Pasta


drbabs March 27, 2022
From a fellow lactose intolerant person, FYI, heavy cream has very little lactose (which may be why you can buy lactose free half and half, but not heavy cream). In general with dairy products, the higher the fat content, the lower the lactose. This article explains: https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/dairy-foods-low-in-lactose#TOC_TITLE_HDR_7
Kiyom March 28, 2022
Good to know! I may just give it a try. Thank you for sharing this article.
702551 March 27, 2022

Naturally the sauce will lose some of its unctuous rich texture.

You could use half-and-half, milk, or even a non dairy alternative (like almond milk). At least one recipe commenter here at Food52 said that coconut milk was a successful substitution.
Kiyom March 27, 2022
Mahalo for your quick reply to may question! I will try this with half and half since I am lactose intolerant. Organic Valley makes lactose free half and half which is wonderful. I have not seen heavy cream yet, in a lactose free option.
AntoniaJames March 27, 2022
Yes, half-and-half should work to replace cream in this caramelized leek pasta dish. I'd expect the end result to be somewhat lighter, which to my mind, could easily be an improvement. You might want to adjust the amount - perhaps adding a touch less at first, checking the consistency of the sauce. ;o0
Kiyom March 27, 2022
Mahalo Antonia! I will use Organic Valley lactose free half and half (I don't do well with many dairy products). I know it won't be quite the same as using heavy cream but the recipe sounds fantastic and I'm sure it will be very tasty!
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