Adding banana to the batter to create banana coconut flavor

Hi Yossi!

Can’t wait to try this cake- do you think there’s a way I could add banana purée to the batter, possibly in place for some of the oil? I’m guessing that would ruin it but I’d love to add it in addition to crate a banana coconut flavor.

Thanks for your advice!

Hallie Sharpless
Coconut Layer Cake
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Nancy March 31, 2022
Hallie Sharpless - there are tested good results for using either/both banana puree or applesauce jnstead of some/all oil in baking.
Do a web search for details as ratios and other ingredient adjustments vary.
However, if memory serves, you don't get much of the original fruit flavor from either. It's mostly used to reduce fat content and calories.
702551 March 31, 2022
I would be inclined to use a banana extract like this:

rather than add banana puree which will affect the crumb consistency. Pastry chefs have a shelf of these types of extracts to add flavor in a consistent manner rather than risk adverse effects by messing with hydration, acidity, sugar, etc.

Best of luck.
702551 March 31, 2022
I forgot to mention that for this recipe, I'd probably add one teaspoon of banana extract and cut the vanilla extract to one teaspoon.
Hallie S. April 1, 2022
Thanks for your advice! I’ve never used the extract but curious to now. I may try to just add banana within the layers with a roasted jam or custard situation haha- replacing the oil with fruit never really makes for a good bake unless you absolutely need a healthier take in my opinion
Nancy April 1, 2022
Yes - agree!
BTW, I think adding roasted bananas or custard are fine ideas!
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