Banana bread with no bananas?

My sister became allergic to bananas after her last baby was born. But she loves banana bread. I'd like to make her some, but I can't find a recipe. I know I can substitute some applesauce for the banana. At this point, do I add artificial banana flavoring? Does anyone have a recipe? Thank you for you help!

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1 Comment

Nancy December 3, 2017
You can make a quick bread with a relatively neutral main ingredient (sour cream, yogurt, zucchini, some apples & pears) to use as a background for the imitation banana flavoring. Include whatever nuts or raisins she likes, top with a cream cheese frosting and hope for the best.
Caution: do check the ingredients on the imitation extract. Some have fruit ingredients, maybe even banana.
Many recipes out there for AtoZ cakes (quick bread with subsitution instructions for ingrediens from Apple to Zucchini). I use one from Nancy Clark Sports Nutrition, but can't find it online now. Here's a similar one:
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