How many cups of squash for this recipe

How many cups of squash? I just cubed a large squash..about 3 pounds.. and that alone would overwhelm my 10 inch tart pan.

  • Posted by: Shelley
  • April 4, 2022


Nancy April 4, 2022
About 6 1/2 to 10 cups.
How did I find out?
USA nutrition data bases often but not always have size of average produce sold in grocery stores. If not available there, go to any search engine and ask. The nutrition db almost always has size of chopped cup.
A) Web search for average size of butternut squash (2-3 lb or 908 to 1362g)
B) Web search for size of cup butternut squash cubed (140g)
C) Divide A by B.
Shelley April 4, 2022
Follow-up..what did I do wrong?…egg mixture definitely NOT pourable
Nancy April 4, 2022
Shelley -
Not sure what went wrong. Did you succeed in fixing it, by adding - perhaps - some milk or another egg?
Have a read through reviews by others who made the dish for similar problem/solution.
If nothing there and you still want to make it again, compare the ingredients to a quiche recipe and try to use similar ratios.
Shelley April 4, 2022
I added another egg. It’s in the oven now and smells wonderful! Thanks for your help!
Shelley April 4, 2022
The extra egg did the trick! This was fantastic…so sweet it could pass as dessert! I may try a splash of balsamic next time per other reviews
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