reverse creaming technique advice

I love the yellow cake in the Ovenly cookbook. I don't enjoy creaming butter and sugar. Can I use the reverse method with the recipe? It's a standard recipe to cream butter and sugar, add eggs, dry and wet ingredients.

Stephanie G
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1 Comment

AntoniaJames April 5, 2022
I would not try the reverse creaming method on a recipe that had not been tested using that method. You're sure to be successful using a yellow cake recipe developed using the reverse creaming method. I could not find one here on Food52, but I did find one from a reliable baking source, which recipe I would not hesitate to try: I found their article on the method quite interesting, too:

I'm wondering though, what makes the Ovenly recipe so good? Is there something about it - such as the amount of vanilla or other flavorings - that could be carried over to a reverse-creaming recipe, to get the best of both worlds? ;o)
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