Brown sugar storage container with a terra cotta stone.

How often does the stone have to be soaked?

J Ryan
  • Posted by: J Ryan
  • April 16, 2022


HalfPint April 18, 2022
I was told that when the stone dries out, it would need to be soaked again. Sorry I don't have any guidance on time. It can depend on how often you open the container and as how tight the seal is.
Gammy April 17, 2022
I do as my grandmom did and lay a small slice of apple on a little piece of foil on the top of the sugar. Keeps the sugar moist enough without melting.
drbabs April 16, 2022
I have one, and frankly, I never use the stone. I just keep the brown sugar in its packaging rolled up tightly and put that in the sealed container.
J R. April 16, 2022
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