Is the Casafina dishware glazed over the entire piece? I want to make sure that if I buy it, it is not unglazed on the bottom.

Looking for every day tableware that is fully glazed - including the under side.



Emily K. April 18, 2022
Hi again :). Confirming that the dinnerware is glazed on the bottom, but has a narrow rim of unglazed material, too. If it's helpful, most glazed ceramics come with at least some unglazed material — otherwise the glaze would fuze with the kiln shelf during the firing process.
AntoniaJames April 18, 2022
That's an interesting fact. It makes sense!! ;o)
702551 April 18, 2022
If you are afraid that your piece might fuse onto the kiln shelf, you can put the item on a scrap piece of ceramic but you still run into the problem of having a piece whose glaze must be snapped off from the base material.

If a ceramic piece is submerged in a glaze, the potter will wipe away some glaze with a wet towel/sponge from the base/feet.

AJ, I strongly suggest you sign up for a ceramics class with a local arts center. I am pretty sure you will have a blast. :-)
drbabs April 18, 2022
AJ, are you near Longmont? I’m pretty sure that’s where the ceramics studio my sister goes to is. I can get you the information if you’re interested.
Emily K. April 18, 2022
Hi there! Confirming for you — are these the pieces you're interested in?

Thanks for checking in with us!
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