Alison Roman’s Brisket - can it stay in the oven at 200 overnight?

We are an Easter and Passover family. After entertaining on Good Friday which is a family tradition, and cooking a crown roasted rack of lamb for Easter dinner with pomme dauphinois and roasted asparagus and working all day Monday and Tuesday I have just started a brisket for a Wednesday night Seder. Can I leave it in the oven overnight at 200?



boulangere April 21, 2022
I realize the holidays have passed, but for general reference, the USDA, who is responsible for the country’s food safety guidelines, has a website where such questions can be submitted. On the same site there is also a hotline phone number that can be called. Hope your brisket turned out well!
Nancy April 20, 2022
Potstirrer - chanced upon your question.
Haven't made it myself, but found a recipe by Jamie Geller for overnight brisket done in a 225F oven for 10 hours.
She's a cook/writer some of whose other recipes I've made and would trust.
Recipe is on the Today Show site...have a look and see if you can adjust time and temp for a safe and successful overnight cook.
(Sorry having some trouble getting the link,).
Nancy April 20, 2022
Here for reference, if you need it, I was able to find the recipe on Geller's site.
Nancy April 20, 2022
Last - happy passover and have a good midweek seder!
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