If Jessica Alba wants to come over for a romantic dinner , what should I cook ?

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mrslarkin September 30, 2010
Pizza and cupcakes. She'll swoon. And cold pizza is great for breakfast. Cupcakes, too.
TiggyBee September 30, 2010
If all goes well, you need to cook up a plan for Breakfast.
pierino September 30, 2010
Canned tuna. Next to a glass of Spanish cava.
anyone September 30, 2010
First, do some research to find out if she is a vegetarian or vegan. If so, do more research on those types of foods and some good recipe's. Try something out of the ordinary that sounds good to you.

While doing your research you found that she has listed in an interview her favorite food or dish, do it the best of your ability.

If she's a carnivore, then I would go with something light and healthy. Just look at her. It doesn't appear the she eats hearty foods too often.

Stay with fresh as possible ingredients and have several courses in small servings. Make sure your food has visual appeal. Make your food beautiful.
DebbieF September 30, 2010
Panic...and use lots of deodorant....lol
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