My turkey cooked way too quickly..

I pulled my turkey out of the oven to check it and it was already at temperature. Dinner is scheduled in 2 hours and I have guests coming over. What is my best course of action at this point? Should I put it back into a warm oven? I don't want it to overcook, and I'd hate to lose the crispy skin. Help!

  • Posted by: Sarah
  • November 26, 2015


Sarah November 26, 2015
Thank you ladies so much for the help! My guests ended up coming a little early, so I just stuck the turkey back in at the last minute to warm it up. It worked, and was still plenty juicy. It was nice having that extra oven space when reheating sides. :) Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! Food52 is the best!
Merrill S. November 26, 2015
I held my cooked turkey at room temp for 2 hours after cooking and before carving, and it was great! That's what hot gravy is for. :)
Leslie S. November 26, 2015
Don't put it back in yet since it will overcook, but I would suggest tenting it with aluminum foil now and keeping it in a warm place, then maybe putting it back in a very low oven (somewhere around 200° F) for 10 minutes before you serve it. This is a good problem to have! Much better than the alternative :)
Samantha W. November 26, 2015
Just tent it with foil and let it be till dinner at room temp! Don't carve it just yet, that will release lots of juices. Be sure not to carve it yet, which will release a lot of juices. If it's dry when you carve it, you can rewarm in a low-heat oven with gravy and stock.

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