Can you substitute mascarpone cheese for cream cheese?? More details below...

This is a banana bread recipe I've done before but this time I want to try to substitute mascarpone cheese for cream cheese this time. I have a family member that oddly thinks cream cheese isn't real cheese (I know it's real LOL). It is a close enough consistency correct?

  • Posted by: meganeh
  • June 13, 2022


Lani August 7, 2022
I have used mascarpone in various bakes. The only thing I would caution is to use it straight out of the fridge. Due to the high fat content it will break easily. Lightly beat it or soften with a spatula before incorporating into your ingredients.
meganeh June 13, 2022
I appreciate ANY helpful answers to my question because I am definitely NOT a baker at all beyond cookies and certain banana breads. That's it...
bjm August 7, 2022
I have substituted mascarpone cheese in cheesecakes with no issues. The cake is a bit softer that that made with cream cheese, but the flavor is similar. I have also substituted mascarpone cheese in pie crust when making a cream cheese pie crust with no issues - again, a bit softer, but after being chilled prior to rolling, not a problem. hope this helps.
Nancy June 13, 2022
Meganeh -
I got mixed results on this substitution when I looked for information.
On the one hand, my reliable food substitutions bible lists mascarpone as one of the possible replacements for cream cheese.
On the other, when I compare fat percentage, the mascarpone is about twice as much as the cream cheese (60 to 75% compared to 33%).
Not sure, and have only used mascarpone instead of cream cheese as a spread, not in baking.
Since the cream cheese in this recipe is used to make a creamy center (not integrated into the cake batter), I might cut the amounts in half to accommodate the higher fat of the mascarpone. Thus, 2 oz mascarpone, 2 tbsp sugar and half a beaten egg or only the yolk.
That way, you'll get a hint of the creaminess, but not be overwhelmed by it.
But, if you like, use the full amounts and see what you get.
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