Suggestions for cast iron/dutch oven storage

I have a couple cast iron pans and several dutch ovens. What is the best way to store them? I've run out of cabinet and drawer space.

  • Posted by: Cindy
  • June 17, 2022


Sherman M. January 1, 2023
I have two cast iron skillets, 8 inch and twelve inch. I nest one inside the other flat on a cabinet shelf near the stove top. Both are well seasoned and have not required any reseasoning for years. BTW, last week I prepared chunk lobster in a seasoned tomato sauce using the large skillet. I am aware of warnings against using tomatoes because of the acid. When cleaned out shortly after cooking it has been no problem. Cleaning usually requires nothing more than a quick wipe with a dobie pad in running hot water. Then I towel dry and put with the pan on a gas flame for a few minutes to force out any lingering moisture.
homemartt June 23, 2022
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Lori T. June 19, 2022
I put up a sheet of pegboard I bought at a big name hardware store, and a lot of hooks. That got mounted to a wall in the kitchen, where I hang my regular pots, pans and lighter weight skillets. Sort of ala Julia Child, but not with so many implements. That opened up space in a slide out drawer to stash the heavier cast iron dutch oven and such. I hung small cast iron skillets at the bottom of the pegboard, as well. If you try this, be sure you mount the board onto several studs as well. Mine are mounted over three studs, with the anchors and heavy duty screws in multiple places. Works a charm, too.
drbabs June 17, 2022
Is it time to rework your storage? I have kitchen things that I use infrequently so I keep them in a hall closet that has shelves. I have to re-evaluate every few months so that my most used things are in the kitchen. For example, I live in Austin where we avoid turning on the oven and definitely don’t eat soup or stew during the summer. So I would move the Dutch oven back and forth depending on the season. If you don’t have an extra closet, is there a place in your basement where you can build shelves and keep little-used items there? Or is it just time to get rid of stuff?
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