A question about a recipe: Mujaddara with Spiced Yogurt Any suggestions for veggie sides or soups to go with this? Many thanks. ;o)

No bell peppers (or paprika), chili peppers (fresh, dried or powdered) or asparagus, please. I also don't care much for peas. (Gasp!) ;o)

Mujaddara with Spiced Yogurt
Recipe question for: Mujaddara with Spiced Yogurt


nogaga April 27, 2011
I think mujadra does well with any hearty green salad: Chopped green peppers, green onion, cherry tomatoes, arrugula, some sunflower seeds... You can add some goat cheese (fried or not) and an olive oil and lemon vinaigrette. Enjoy!
cookinginvictoria April 26, 2011
For a small dinner party last night, I made the mujjadara recipe for the second time. So yummy -- it is one of my favourite Food 52 recipes of all time. I served it with melissav's Caramelized Butternut Squash Wedges with Hazelnut Sage Pesto (love this one too!) and an avocado, orange, and olive salad. Sort of an unorthodox combination of flavours, but it seemed to work. Everyone took seconds and thirds and requested the recipes.
Aimless April 26, 2011
I absolutely love that mujjadara recipe. Time to make it for the third time soon. I feel that it benefits from a sweet/fruity counterpoint, and I happened to have some good home made apple/onion chutney on hand the first time I made it. That was a great combination. A fruit salad, or salsa would be good. Something juicy, colorful, fruity, sweet is really nice next to it. Sliced peaches and cantaloupe together would be nice, with lime and mint or maybe with a drizzle of balsamic?
Tony S. April 26, 2011
aargersi April 26, 2011
What about a cucumber based salad - maybe something with cucumbers and tomato and basil? Can you get good tomatoes yet? It's already hot here so cooling things come to mind ... pita bread also a great idea, and what about a fruit salad? We put lime and honey and toasted coconut on fruit - yummy
Panfusine April 26, 2011
This was a purely experimental venture which worked out beautifully for me...soup & veggies in one shot! As I mentioned, the jalapeno is optional, there's so much flavor even w/o it. and the veggies go very well with Pita bread for a complete meal!
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