Boyfriend and I debate on sauteing noodles in pot or pan

My boyfriend asked me to saute the noodles he just boiled. I usually just strain them then put the seasoning in the same pot and mix it up, he said it's supposed to be done in a pan... Does it matter?Cause I'm like it's the same thing, Or am I tripping?



702551 July 11, 2022
Adding onto creamtea's excellent summary, there are a couple of notes.

In a restaurant, the pasta would be pulled out of the cooking water which would be reused for cooking additional portions of pasta because it takes too long to boil a fresh pot of water each time someone orders noodles.

Restaurants use something like this:

so they can keep noodles cooking pretty continuously.

At home, I don't use anything like this however I frequently want to keep the pasta cooking water for other uses, like cooking vegetables.

Hot water -- even with a little noodle starch -- is still very handy and a more responsible use of a precious resource (at least here in drought-stricken California) for those who care.
creamtea July 11, 2022
It's probably more "correct" to sauté them in a wider sauté pan but then you'd have an extra pan to wash. You'd have more square-inch-age to fry them in and the moisture will be able to better evaporate and some parts of the noodles crisp up better. The added ingredients won't steam that way. I would understand not wanting to wash another pot though and after a long day I might opt to use just one pot too.
YoshiSama July 12, 2022
Thank you very much! I gave in yesterday and put them in a pan lol. I actually did a couple of flips with the pan, trying to get my chef on!
He was definitely in the right this time.... But I'm not telling him I asked y'all. 😂
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