What is this grinder for? Not salt or pepper

I received a set of 3 grinders for a gift. 1 had salt in it. The 2nd had pepper. The 3rd was empty. It loads from the bottom and appears to slice instead of grind m. Too small to fit nutmeg and not deep enough for a cinnamon stick. Any ideas what this is used for?

  • Posted by: ktr
  • July 16, 2022
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Gammy July 18, 2022
Perhaps for some sort of seasoned salt one might use at the table?
Miss_Karen July 17, 2022
I would use it for dried onion or garlic if it were me.
Nancy July 17, 2022
Could you ask/have you asked the giver?

(I do a lot of spice grinding and blending and don’t recognize this mechanism.
Will be very interested to learn what it is for.)
ktr July 17, 2022
Unfortunately no because it was a regift. The original recipient didn’t have a need for it so I got it. I may try experimenting with different spices and see how it works with them.
702551 July 16, 2022
Who is the manufacturer?
ktr July 17, 2022
I believe they are handmade
702551 July 17, 2022
Clearly the mechanism was machine made. You can buy spice grinder/pepper mill mechanisms separately. The wood body was probably turned on a lathe.

My guess is that it is a multi-purpose spice/dried herb grinder.

I can't see from the sole photo how it loads from the bottom, the size of the chamber, or the actual grinding surfaces.

If there were a special use grinder for a particular spice, one would expect it to be loaded with that ingredient.

I know in eastern Asian countries sesame seed grinders are common household kitchen tools.
ktr July 16, 2022
Sorry here is the 2nd picture
ktr July 16, 2022
Here is another picture.
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