How much mozzarella? A ball is not descriptive enough

A ball can come in different sizes - a pound, 8 oz, etc



iambilljr July 19, 2022
You all are so sweet to answer! Thank you for the responses!
MMH July 19, 2022
Mozzarella pearls would work well also.
Gammy July 19, 2022
Agree with Nancy's comments. In this recipe, use as much or as little as YOU would like, customizing to your taste.
Nancy July 18, 2022
Given the way the recipe was written, size or measure doesn’t need to be exact.
If sold loose in brine, mozzarella balls is usually the size of a medium orange, about a cup.
If sold packaged, usually about 12 oz.
So estimate somewhere between those weights, use what you can find and/or what looks good as you scatter torn bits on the pizza.
Nancy July 19, 2022
Sorry, read the recipe but from picture I mistakenly thought this was a pizza.
Advice still the same for salad - use what you have or can buy, then tear the mozzarella in pieces and scatter to taste on the dish.
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