what is the difference between Organic and Hormone Free? Want to buy some milk and one says Organic other says Hormone Free...



usuba D. April 27, 2011
Ther are pasture access requirements that stem from the aurora dairy incident.
healthierkitchen April 27, 2011
My understanding is that the Organic label speaks only to what the animal has been fed and that there have been no antibiotics or hormones administered, as hardlikearmour says, but that it does not speak to any humane pasturing issues.
SKK April 27, 2011
Everything hardlikearmour and usuba dashi say and plus the taste of organic is superior in my experience.
usuba D. April 27, 2011
With organic you not only get as hardlikearmour suggests, but you also know that there are humane issues involved. Organic will not allow tail docking and require bedding for the parlour stalls, and must have pasture access. Hormone only claims (without organic claims) will use antibiotics, probably tail dock and may not have any bedding and may never see pasture. The conventional dairy business has more animal welfare abuse issues than the livestock industry. . . . so why is no one making noise about it?
hardlikearmour April 27, 2011
Hormone free means they didn't give the cows any rBST (bovine growth hormone.) Organic means the cows were only fed organic feed and were not given any hormones or antibiotics.
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