Need amazing gluten free and dairy free appetizers.

A friend has serious food allergies. Want to give her a fun party where she can eat EVERYTHING. She can do sheep's milk. And ghee because the milk solids are removed.



Em November 17, 2016
Buy (or make):
1. baby carrots, snap peas, and hummus (for homemade hummus, Yotam Ottolenghi's recipe is the best)
2. mixed nuts (for homemade, just cook lightly in butter and sprinkle with salt, sugar, and spices)
3. shrimp cocktail (or marinade jumbo shrimp in herby oil, cut in half, and pansear. Serve stuck on skewers)
4. chicken fingers and dipping sauce (cut chicken breast into strips. Use an egg wash and either almond flour or GF panko. Serve with 1/3 Sriracha 2/3 ketchup, or a roasted red pepper sauce like peperonata)

Good luck at your party!
Niknud November 14, 2016
These are fantastic - bacon wrapped water chestnuts.
Nancy November 14, 2016
mix and match ideas from these
sheep milk cheeses (e.g. cabrales manchego halloumi or feta from sheeps milk) in a cheese plate with fruit, crudites, nuts and maybe rice crackers
salad with sheeps milk feta & melons (or if no melons in season, pineapple), lemon vinaigrette, cilantro
smoked fish (salmon, haddock, whitefish) in chunks or mashed into a spread with a non-dairy

Nancy November 14, 2016
Hit "enter" too soon. to finish:
with a non-dairy spread like coconut yogurt
potato (or other root vegetable) pancakes made with no wheat flour at all, or a non gluten substitute like rice starch or potato starch
taramosalata - fish spread (Greek recipes)
hummus all decked out with garnishes to taste - olives, whole garbanzos, pickled peppers or cucumbers, chopped parsley, mint or cilantro, pomegranate seeds, smoked paprika, chipotle or ancho powder, fried chicken cracklings.
beet salad - many recipes
orange onion & olive salad (Italian side dish)
stuffed things - olives, mushrooms, artichokes (cold or fried)
deli meats - two or three of her favorites
To recap, you can mix some proteins and produce, nuts herbs and spices. Use what's in peak form or best available near you, or a unifying cuisine she likes (one of the Mediterranean countries, or we haven't even touched Asian ideas yet). Use toothpicks to skewer small bits, non-gluten crackers and vegetable dippers like endive.
Hope this helps.
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