baking biscotti with perforated sheet pan

i recently bought a perforated sheet pan. other than that, i use the dark pan that comes w the oven. the latter might b fine. i'm just wondering if the former is ok. it might even b better.

  • Posted by: alan
  • August 5, 2022


Nancy August 5, 2022
Better Homes and Gardens ( has a review article about baking sheets and advises against perforated ones because they are harder to clean.
But if you must use, line with parchment paper.
I use a round perforated pan to bake pizza, and it cooks faster than a solid smooth pan - so you cookies may bake faster than usual.
alan August 22, 2022
i didn't use the perforated but i'll use parchment when i make french sable' breton cookies. i never made or had one, but a french friend said it's her favorite cookie and a perforated pan was recommended so i got it for that. re baking pizza, i bought a pizza steel. i've not used it yet for pizza, but i'm happy i got it for other things.
Nancy August 24, 2022
Good to know for sable cookies.
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