Which vegetable oils do not have a bitter aftertaste?

I brush vegetable oil on breads, sometimes and a bitter taste is lingering. What are other options, please?

  • Posted by: djaz
  • August 19, 2022


Nancy August 21, 2022
Djaz - many bread recipes call for a brushing of oil before baking, so in theory all should be fine.
The only vegetable oils known for a bitter taste is extra virgin olive oil, where it is considered a sign of quality, and flaxseed, linseed & mustard seed oils, where it is present but not particularly valued.
Not sure what you are experiencing as bitter, or the cause.
Possible problems causing bad taste in oil - old, stored badly, rancid, burned or used at too-high temperature for that oil.
Have a look at this article about oils.
Also, maybe consider using other fat (butter, refined or rendered animal fat) to coat your bread before baking and see if that gives better result.
Nancy August 21, 2022
PS there is a good article on how to grease a loaf of bread dough at thespruceeats.com
djaz August 21, 2022
Thank you very much! I do have beef tallow. Perhaps, that's an option. The reason I might use an oil, is that, sometimes, I can only get bleached flour and it doesn't brown as well, even, on a top rack. Also, I like to use sesame seeds, on some breads and oil helps them stick. I'll check out the link.
Nancy August 21, 2022
Understood, both for color of crust and to make seeds adher.
Another common coating before baking is egg wash, for similar purposes.
Mix either a whole egg, white or yolk with tablespoon of water and brush on risen unbaked loaf.
djaz August 21, 2022
Thanks, again!
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