Do I spread jam across the entire square?

The recipe says "spread a very thin layer of jam... over the bottom of each square..." By "bottom," does that mean spread over a triangular half?

  • Posted by: jpriddy
  • September 18, 2022
Sweet Cheese Kreplach With Jam
Recipe question for: Sweet Cheese Kreplach With Jam


Jennyrose September 20, 2022
Take a spatula and spread over the traingular shape its simple. Check shoptruepills to know about more receipe techniques.
Nancy September 18, 2022
I read the step 4 where those directions are found. It sounds like we are supposed to put (thin layer of) jam down first on the flat piece pasta/pastry, then a (thin layer of) cheese.
Both should be well within the border - enough to fold into triangle and seal.
Hope this helps.
jpriddy September 18, 2022
Yes, but across the entire square or only half?
Nancy September 18, 2022
My take (from both this recipe and experience) is to spread the filling over the whole square, leaving the exposed border for sealing.
But/and you could try spreading it on half the square, and see how that works.
jpriddy September 18, 2022
Thank you!
Ellen G. September 18, 2022
Yes! A thin layer of jam covering the square; I do leave a touch of a border which makes sealing the triangles easier. Hope this helps.
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