How many cups is 1/2 pounds of confectioner's sugar?



mrslarkin April 29, 2011
Yep, my bag of confec. sugar says 1/4 cup = about 1 oz. So 2 cups = about a 1/2 pound of 10x.

If you're not able to weigh it, fluff it up really well before measuring it.
Anitalectric April 29, 2011
I would use 2.
lorigoldsby April 29, 2011
I agree with nutcakes (although I haven't gotten out the measuring cups to check her math!). ...the confusion may have come because powdered sugar used to be sold in boxes by the pound. Many recipes would call for a box or pound of confectioner's (powdered) sugar. So you knew to use a half box or whole box...
nutcakes April 28, 2011
One pound of powdered sugar is about 3-3/4 cups measured (between 3-1/2 and 4 cups.) Sor for 1/2 pound, use 1-7/8th cup.

I disagree with the first answer because powdered sugar comes in weight which does not always compute to fluid ounces such as a cup measure.
calamity February 23, 2019
i just made some peanut butter frosting with all i had left of my confectioner's sugar - and 2 cups is almost 1/2 pound - a bit over but i just add a wee bit more milk!! and p.s. NUTCAKES, I love your name!!
Ellise July 14, 2019
I’m about to make some peanut butter frosting and don’t have a full box of powdered sugar. I’m halving the Peanut Butter Sheet Cake recipe and need only half of the frosting. Thanks!!
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