rice flour or AP in milk street lemon almond cake

they take the cake from rose cafe in paris. rose uses rice flour and said it makes it more moist but she doesn't adjust anything. the video they make in boston says they use AP + almond flour. i can't access the link to the recipe cuz of a bug on my computer. can someone check what the recipe says, pls? in the boston studio they do speak of no gluten. i'd rather it b GF. i'd prefer not to have to make it w rice flour and have it fail and then have to do it w AP. Tx

  • Posted by: alan
  • October 1, 2022


Nancy October 2, 2022
Alan - ok, read through your notes and see you want to make a GF version of this or another lemon almond pound cake.
Just FYI, looked around and found a version that shows it's not AP or rice flour, but both...also found that in an article about the cake. The rice flour is added for texture, not for the complete carb content (100g of that and 195g ap).
alan October 1, 2022
i was able to access the recipe and it does call for AP. i googled subbing rice flour and only looked briefly but was scared of. rose says she uses rice flour and it's just a small amount so it doesn't cause a problem. but 1.5 cups AP doesn't seem like a small amount. maybe she uses less cuz she bakes in long thin pans whereas the boston studio bakes in a loaf pan. appreciate any advice as to how to make it GF tho i have other GF lemon almond cakes so this doesn't have to be. Tx
drbabs October 1, 2022
I’ve had success making cakes gluten free by substituting a commercial gluten free flour blend like Cup4Cup or Bobs Red Mill 1:1 for the AP flour.
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