flouring cake pan with almond meal

If I flour a buttered cake pan with ground almonds instead of normal flour, any chance the almonds will burn in the 350 oven (cake is in for 1 hour)? No gluten-aversions but I thought the almond would be nice in this cake. Never done it before though so wondered if it was a good or bad idea? Thanks!!

  • Posted by: tammany
  • September 4, 2018


Amanda September 5, 2018
To bake a walnut cake of mine, I used a combination of ground walnuts and flour to coat the pan. It didn't burn at all and worked perfectly. Not sure if this had something to do with the combination of flour though. I don't think it will burn but I'm wondering though, the issue might not be so much that it burns but that it doesn't have the non-stick power that all or some flour might...something to think about!
tammany September 5, 2018
Thanks Amanda! Since I'm not worried about the gluten, I'm going to start by trying the flour+almond method and then perhaps go for straight almond. I just used flour last night and had no problems getting the cake out of the pan. (The cake in question is Marcella Hazan's fantastic Farm Wife Pear Tart which I made with plums and the two overripe peaches I found at the last minute. I will throw almost any fruit in this cake. Oddly I have never made it with pears!)
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