Can this dressing be kept in the fridge for for use in the future? Or does it need to be used all at once?

Marjorie Walker Hansen


airfryer November 25, 2022
airfryer November 25, 2022
airfryer November 25, 2022
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Ronald_Tolkien October 8, 2022
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702551 October 3, 2022
All freshly squeezed citrus juices oxidize and lose their vibrancy. Grapefruit juice in particular degrades very quickly. For this reason, I try as much as possible to only squeeze what I going to immediately use.

It'll be fine in the fridge for a few days. I'd probably try to use it up in a week.

The fresh shallots will likely get mushy from the acidity beyond that too but my primary concern would be the freshness of the lemon juice.
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