Do you love or hate cooking on induction ranges and why? We are redoing our kitchen- help me decide!

We have been blessed to redo our kitchen and I'd love to know from those of you who have tried induction ranges how you like them? I have always been a diehard gas range lady, but costs/environment/availability of downdraft extraction has me looking more and more at induction. Love induction? Hate induction? Would love to hear all about it...

Sarah Curry, MS, RD, CDE


Melusine October 20, 2022
I love induction cooking so much, I won't cook on anything else. I live (mostly) overseas and have two portable induction cooktops I take with me. They aren't as efficient as those that are part of a range, but they are still much faster than gas burners and provide more even heat. Electric ovens also provide more even heat than gas ovens do.

As recent studies have shown, induction cooking is much greener in terms of energy consumption, wasted energy, and don't release nasty chemicals into the air. Induction is also faster than gas to heat up a pan or cool it down -- I have basic AllClad Tri-Ply pans that work wonderfully well with the induction burners, as do cast iron and carbon steel pans, since they're all magnetic.

MNLisaB October 13, 2022
One of my kids has an induction slide in range and LOVES it. She has cooked on both gas & electric and prefers the induction. Super easy to clean the cooktop and instant ability to get to the preferred burner temp. It also cools down very quickly once burner it shut off.
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