What size is the wheel of cheese?

I have never seen a wheel of brie that would be for only 4 people. Where I live they would always be for at least 10. (Camembert can be smaller.)

valerie justman


702551 October 15, 2022
Dishes like these are very flexible and you can vary them very easily according to your whims and situation.

Jacques Pépin did a similar one on one of his TV shows. He mentioned sometimes he bakes them, other times he does not. On the show, he coated a wheel of Brie with honey then coated it with chopped pistachios; he did not bake this wheel. This was for a large party (15+).

If you bake the cheese, you may end up with the gooey presentation pictured in these photos. If you leave it unbaked, a more ripe wheel of cheese can be used and present excellently.

Vary the cheese size/type and adjust the apple topping up or down as you see fit. The point is to create something that will please the people who will be joining you at your dinner table. There is no stone tablet that says that there must be exactly 17 gram of apple per serving or 1/4 tsp. of cinnamon.

Apart from fondue and raclette, cheese is not often served as a main course, it's usually part of a larger offering. As always, your guests' appetite will dictate portion size but generally speaking I find that 2 ounces of cheese per person is a normal serving. Four ounces would be a very, very generous portion.

The author clearly listed Brie and Camembert simply because they are the two most commonly found soft-rind cheeses but other cheeses could easily be used based on what your cheesemonger is offering.

Summary: pick the cheese size suitable for your particular event taking into consideration portion size and adjust the toppings at your discretion.

Best of luck.
valerie J. October 16, 2022
Thank you. Very informative.
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