Looking for a good source for barley flour, barley flakes, and gluten?

  • Posted by: Midge
  • April 28, 2011
Buttermilk Barley Bread
Recipe question for: Buttermilk Barley Bread


Midge April 30, 2011
thanks lapadia!
lapadia April 30, 2011
Last time I looked King Arthur was selling "vital wheat gluten", too :)
Midge April 30, 2011
That's really good to know AJ. I'll take another look at WF. Many thanks again!!
AntoniaJames April 29, 2011
Midge, it occurred to me that WFM may have gluten in the baking aisle and not in the bulk section. The man with whom I spoke at WFM in Boston works in the bulk department and may not have been familiar with the product. I'd look for a small package, as you don't use more than a teaspoon or so, at most, per cup of flour or grain, so I rather imagine it would be sold in 2-3 cup bags. ;o)
Midge April 28, 2011
You are too kind AJ. We've got a great co-op nearby, why don't I check with them first. I may take you up on your offer if they don't have it! Thank you!
AntoniaJames April 28, 2011
Midge, if you send me your address via the messaging system (through my profile), I'll be happy to send you some. ;o)
boulangere April 28, 2011
You should be able to find vital wheat gluten in any health food store.
Midge April 28, 2011
hla, that IS amazing, what a guy. I do love Bob's other products. And AJ, wow, thank you! I'll have to check out that WF. Really look forward to making your bread.
AntoniaJames April 28, 2011
I just called one of Whole Foods Markets in Boston (Charles River store). They have barley flour, and barley flakes (the latter they said in the cereal aisle . . . I told the guy that it looks like oatmeal, so I assume they have true barley flakes and not a flake cereal made with a lot of other ingredients). He said they don't have gluten. I've seen it in the independent groceries here that carry a lot of Bob's Red Mill products. It's called "vital wheat gluten." You could also just use, instead of the bread flour, King Arthur Sir Lancelot Unbleached Hi-Gluten Flour. I'm sure that would work just fine. You need to give the barley flakes and barley flour a bit of help, to prevent the bread from being too dense. Maybe the Boston area members can help us out here. ;o)
hardlikearmour April 28, 2011
Bob's Red Mill is a really cool company, so you should be happy to use them. Bob just recently retired, and when he did he literally gave the company to his employees! How amazing is that??
Midge April 28, 2011
Thanks hla! I scoured WF today and couldn't find it so guess I'll order it from Bob's online.
hardlikearmour April 28, 2011
Bob's Red Mill has it (you could order online.) I'd bet you could get it at WF as well.
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