8 ounces of parmesan or 1.5 cups?

I weighed my parmesan, grated the full 8 ounces, which yielded more than 1.5 cups. I used the full 8 ounces. Dough was very, crumbly and needed more water. Is this because I used too much cheese?

  • Posted by: Diane
  • October 22, 2022
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1 Comment

Nancy October 22, 2022
My guess is that the ratio (by volume) of grated cheese to flour is too high in this recipe. Here, it’s about 1:1 cheese to flour.
In most cheese biscotti recipes, the ratio is 1:2.
The ones that have a higher ratio and that make a good biscuit also have more liquids and added fat (olive oil or butter).
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