Your favorite tagine recipe?

My husband bought me a tagine for our (26th!) wedding anniversary. We love the middle eastern flavors (I regularly use sumac, grind my own spice blends) so I'm looking to my fellow food52er's to help me find a special recipe for our inaugrial tagine.



Sam1148 April 29, 2011
Try cauliflower couscous. Break down cauliflower to florets. Process in a food processor with light pulses, just to break them up so they resemble couscous. Don't make mush.
Lightly sautee them with a bit of stock/water olive oil and cumin. Don't over cook..just soften them a bit. They should be crunchy and just heated a bit.

Use as you would couscous. I find it keeps much better than couscous as couscous can get 'gummy' sometimes, and when a friend used this idea for a catering gig, he got rave reviews with people saying they couldn't believe it was cauliflower.
lorigoldsby April 29, 2011
thanks pierino and aargersi! Knew I could count on my food52er's for some inspired recipes. Since I'm not a sissy, I'll definitely leave the pits in the olives as pierino suggests, and I'll pay the extra for the blood oranges as aargersi suggests. Good thing we love couscous. Can't wait to get back from the horse trials and try these out.
aargersi April 29, 2011
yum ... lamb!

Also I like doing a preserved lemon / chicken / artichoke / olive type deal and for that I just throw couscous in there at the end and let it soak up all of the juice
pierino April 29, 2011
This is one of the first recipes I developed for food52:
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