My chives have flowered! What should I do with them?



Anitalectric April 30, 2011
The chef at my restaurant uses them as a garnish for soup. They are so pretty!
RebeccaCooks April 29, 2011
Thanks for the suggestions everyone!
wssmom April 29, 2011
I have just been admiring mine, but from here I now know you can eat them! Awesome!
ChefJune April 29, 2011
Eat them! They're delicious. And they are among the prettiest garnishes you could imagine.

Do leave some to propagate and make more chives. And did you know that garlic chives have white flowers? Together, the chive family really enhances a herb garden.
student E. April 29, 2011
add to egg salad!
Verdigris April 29, 2011
If they are still fresh and pretty put them on a salad! If they are bedraggled, just snip them off and use the stem. If they have started to form seeds, let them completed the process and replant so that you get more chives!
aargersi April 29, 2011
If you let them go to seed you will soon have chives everywhere - ask me how I know :-)

The flowers are edible - use them for pretty in a salad, or throw them in a saute, or - tempura fry them?
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