Can a dairy product be added to the apple butter?

I find the "frosting" a little unappetizing looking, being somewhat grainy and translucent (at least from the photo.) I miss the creamy look of regular frosting. I'm wondering if softened cream cheese, or mascarpone, or something along those lines could be added to give a more traditional appearance?

  • Posted by: Paula
  • November 21, 2022


Nancy November 21, 2022
Don’t see why not.
So put a cream cheese or mascarpone frosting on the top and maybe the sides.
But consider using the apple butter in between the layers, to get some of the flavor as recipe originally designed.
You’ll need less than original called for - about one-third to one-half apple butter ad in the recipe.
Paula November 21, 2022
I meant added to the apple butter recipe itself.
Nancy November 21, 2022
If that appeals to you, mix a smal test sample of cooked apple butter and the cheese (s) you like, let sit for a few minutes and taste.
If all good, mix up the rest.
Paula November 22, 2022
Well yes, I could experiment and see if it works of course. But I was asking here in the hopes that someone could provide some information based on their experience so I didn't have to risk a potential failure.
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