this recipe vs. recipe in "escapism cooking"

we own your cookbook and were deciding between using this Food52 homemade ramen noodles recipe or the recipe in your book. we noticed several significant differences. do you recommend one method over another, and for what situations? we're making these noodles with niu rou mian. thank you!

  • Posted by: amie
  • November 21, 2022
Homemade Ramen Noodles
Recipe question for: Homemade Ramen Noodles


Mandy @. November 22, 2022
Hello, yes they are recipes based on different approach. If you don’t have baked soda, I would use the recipe in the book. If you have baked soda and you like the taste of alkaline noodles, then I would use the one on food52 :)
amie November 28, 2022
thanks so much! we tried the Food52 recipe (and will try the one in your book next time, to compare). the noodles turned out so well, perfectly qq.
Amanda H. November 21, 2022
Hi Amie, can you remind me which of our cookbooks the recipe is in? Thanks!
amie November 21, 2022
i meant Mandy Lee's "The Art of Escapism Cooking" book! she also has a homemade ramen noodles recipe in there.
Amanda H. November 21, 2022
Ah! Got it. I’ll try to get this message to her tomorrow!
amie November 21, 2022
amanda, thanks so very much! we were hoping to make the dish for thanksgiving.
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