What should I do with a lot of extra (homemade) hummus?

I want to thin it out, mix it with a bit of harissa, and make a sauce. I'll use this to coat rice noodles. And I'll add sautéed greens. I would love more ideas and suggestions!

Sarah Jampel


Sam1148 October 8, 2014
Freeze it.
or...one of my favorite sandwiches for several people. Take a loaf of Italian bread an cut in half and scoop out a trench in both halves. Coat with Hummus. Then add artichoke hearts, smoked red pepper (canned), Olives, red onions, and layers of mortadella, salami, and turkey or ham. Give it a squirt of olive oil and vinegar and salt and pepper.
Wrap it up VERY tightly in plastic wrap and let it sit overnight in the fridge.
The next day you can slice off a section for each person to pack for lunch.
Susan W. October 8, 2014
Yum!! That sounds so good.
Posie (. October 8, 2014
I have always been intrigued by hummus bread! KAF recipe here: http://www.kingarthurflour.com/recipes/hummus-bread-recipe
Nancy October 8, 2014
Freeze for up to 3 months it in portions usable in your hh. For now, add some fresh herbs & use as a crust for fish fillet, bake in oven, delicious. Thin it with liquid of choice and use it instead of egg wash in breading chicken pieces or meat for schnitzel. Substitute it for cooked chickpeas in savory bread pudding https://food52.com/recipes/27712-fattet-hummus-mid-eastern-savory-chickpea-bread-pudding
Stephanie P. October 8, 2014
You could top it with shakshuka. http://www.designsponge.com/2014/10/in-the-kitchen-with-green-kitchen-stories-hummus-and-shakshuka.html
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