is polenta the same thing as cornmeal?

i'm mixing a soaker for Struan bread and it calls for 3 tablespoons polenta... i have cornmeal... is that ok? or there a grind difference?



boulangere April 30, 2011
Oh, even better! Just add your cornmeal at the 4-hour point.
saenyc April 30, 2011
thanks boulangere! i think i only have about 8 hours for the soaker... not ideal, but hope it's ok!!
boulangere April 30, 2011
Oh, what a wonderful bread! Polenta is coarse-ground corn, a much larger particle that what we know as cornmeal. I've been know to try to avoid a trip to the grocery store practically any given day, so yes, go ahead and use your cornmeal. How long is your soaker going to rest? If 24 hours, add the cornmeal at the half-way point or thereabouts. If you add it at the beginning, chances are that it will break down too much and be gummy. Enjoy your bread!
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