Can I make polenta out of regular cornmeal or do I have to get a special polenta mix?

  • Posted by: bmwesq
  • January 16, 2012


bigpan January 16, 2012
Go to a good Italian deli and you will find various grinds of polenta from coarse bramata to finer lampo. Both will make polenta - just coarser and heavier or lighter and softer. Don't be afraid to approach an Italian customer and ask - you will be surprised what you can learn.
boulangere January 16, 2012
Polenta is a coarser grind than cornmeal. The cooked result is a bit different.
GIOVANNI50 January 16, 2012
Regular corn meal should do. There is no real polenta mix out there, just refined corn meal for different purposes.
Try baking it into small cakes with a dollop of marinara on top. Yum.
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