Seized Chocolate. Lumpy Mousse.

Hi. I love this recipe but I had issues with my mousse and I'm so curious what I did wrong. I mixed the cocoa with hot water. Then melted my chocolate. But when I mixed the cocoa mixture into the melted chocolate it allseized up into a giant blob. So when I folded in the cream it was very lumpy. I'm so disappointed in myself. Can you tell me what I did wrong so I don't do it again? Does the cocoa mixture need to stay warm. Maybe it got too cold? Thank you!

  • Posted by: LMG
  • November 23, 2022
Easiest Chocolate Mousse Cake
Recipe question for: Easiest Chocolate Mousse Cake


Jessie S. November 24, 2022
in response to seized chocolate, lumpy mousse, i would say first so sorry! and second, i think you should melt the chocolate and then combine the hot tap water and cocoa and pour it in. i wonder if it is a temp issue and the liquid got too cool and made the chocolate seize?
Emily Z. November 23, 2022
I've definitely been here before! Chocolate is so finicky, and water can make chocolate harden, and fast. Basically, small amounts of water makes chocolate seize, but larger amounts can loosen it up again. Another trick is to use a higher quality chocolate, as they have a smaller water content (yup, cheaper chocolates use water as "filler"), but you had good instincts with having the cocoa be warm. Essentially, good quality chocolate, and with every folding step, both ingredients should be of a similar temperature. Hope this helps for next time!
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