Can this be saved in jars, for example, to give as a gift?

If so, would it need to be canned?

  • Posted by: Jacs
  • November 28, 2022
Cranberry & Fig Chutney
Recipe question for: Cranberry & Fig Chutney


Lori T. November 28, 2022
I don't see any reason why this couldn't be made up into jars for gift giving. If you think your recipient would use it up in 2-3 months, then canning would not be necessary. But if you want to be safest, then yes- canning would be appropriate and would make it shelf stable until if was opened for use. You can water bath can things like jelly and chutney, takes about 10 minutes time for a jar. The pH makes it highly unfriendly to bacteria, although it can dry out and mold in time if you don't can it. The sugar levels and pH are the reason you can water bath preserve it. I have made my own for years now, and it makes popular gifts especially for those who like cheese boards.
Jacs November 29, 2022
Thank you, Lori, for your very detailed and informative answer. I'll be shopping for the ingredients asap.
Nancy November 29, 2022
Lori - what do you think about the safety of the ph level in this chutney recipe, given there is no vinegar among the ingredients?
Lori T. November 29, 2022
Cranberries, lemons and oranges, not to mention the apple cider are all acidic ingredients with pH anywhere from 2-3 or so. Even when it's all combined with the other ingredients, you still have a product that is acidic enough and sweet enough to make living conditions unfriendly for bacteria . Not mold proof by any means- different species there. While vinegar is often used for chutneys, in this case the acidity is coming from other things.
Nancy November 29, 2022
Thanks for your update/info. Good to know.
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