Vanilla Bourbon or Another Recommendation ?

Has anyone tried a vanilla bourbon or some other liquor is IS NOT a whiskey or bourbon? These are my least favorite types of liquors. I really would love to whip these up but I’d love to hear some experiences with replacement suggestions if anyone has them? Thanks!



HalfPint December 9, 2022
Whenever I am out of vanilla extract (it's a rare occurrence), I use rum. Tastes like vanilla to me.
702551 December 9, 2022
There's no need to seek out a vanilla flavored spirit as they are two discrete ingredients. That makes little sense as a pantry purchase if you aren't going to regularly use it.

Just replace the bourbon with another preferred spirit (brandy, cognac, rum, whatever) or omit it. If you omit both the bourbon and vanilla extract, you'll just end up with plain rice crispies like the recipe from the back of the cereal box.
Nancy December 9, 2022
I had a vanilla vodka and it’s still on the market. But I find flavoured vodkas heavy or artificial in their flavouring.
You could use any brandy (unsweetened), distilled (rum, tequila) or liqueur you like.
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